About publishing cave information on the internet

Your favorite places are in danger!


Please keep cave information inside the caving community and off of the internet.


Caving publications are the safest place for your photos, maps, and trip reports. They can also be be used to research information by future explorers, while the internet is temporary.


Caving data and photos are being harvested from the internet, and being used without your permission.* Seemingly innocent information such as the name of the cave can be used to bypass the caving community, and that means that your favorite places are in greater danger of being trashed, “commercialized” and closed to everyone. It also increases the risk of major rescues, body recoveries, and irreparable damage to places that are dear to us.


Be a caving hero! Please submit your photos, stories, and maps to your grotto’s magazine, not Facebook or unsecured websites. Avoid naming the cave and location in your posts. 


It could mean the future of caving.


*Don’t believe it? Just do a google search for “georgia caves” and look at the top results. Sites full of stolen photos and misinformation about caves that do not mention the caving community at all – a recipe for disaster.